Which antivirus program is best for me ?

Which antivirus program is best for me ?

Best antivirus program in the market

Here i will let you know the names of best antivirus program in the market.In today’s world it is almost very difficult to have a computer without any antivirus. If you have a good antivirus program is your computer , that is a piece of mind. Below you will find the name of top 5 antivirus in the market.


  1. Norton antivirus –

Norton setup best antivirus

We do not need to give an introduction to the Norton antivirus. It is a widely used antivirus in the whole world. Norton is very effective in detecting threats. Norton is a real time security and once installed work’s in the background of the computer. When we will talk about the security level it is one of the world’s best antivirus. Now there is one more thing this is a little weighted antivirus in terms of size that is why is slow down a computer little bit. So if you are thinking to take Norton as your security , consider having a good configuration in the computer. Norton security have a single activation page www.norton.com/setup. Although afterwards you need to create a Norton account.

2- Mcafee antivirus

Mcafee activate best antivirus

If you are searching for the best antivirus program in the market then Mcafee will be my another choice in terms of good security. It is also a versatile security and detects almost all type of virus and malware. Again it is moderate to high weight security and slow down the computer a little bit. This security by mcafee still is one of the first choice. There is a single activation page for all mcafee variant which is www.mcafee.com/activate. Here also you need to create an account after the activation.

3- Webroot antivirus

webroot secureanywhere best antivirus

A real light weighted antivirus. As webroot secureanywhere is a cloud based antivirus so it do not take much space even during it’s operation. Although when we comes to the security level of detecting and removing the threats from the computer it is not good as mcafee and Norton. Still It makes itself into the my list of best 5 antivirus. Also it have a single page to download which is www.webroot.com/safe . Here making an webroot account is not mandatory we can directly download the program from this page .

4- Trend micro internet security

Trend micro best antivirus security

Here comes my personal best. This antivirus is also a light one in comparison to mcafee and norton. Still the ability of recognizing the threats it is one of the best. So after taking the both things into our acknowledgement we can say that this is one of the worlds best antivirus. We can directly download the trend micro security from its different customize pages for its different variant.

www.trendmicro.com/bestbuy for trend micro internet security.

www.trendmicro.com/gettav for trend micro antivirus + .

www.trendmicro.com/getmax for trend micro maximum security.

5- Avg antivirus

Avg antivirus is also an old and well known name is the field of antivirus. It is also a moderate weight antivirus and a little light weighted than Norton and Mcafee. When we compare it with trend micro it is a little more weighted and also almost equal in terms of security. Avg also provide a single page www.avg.com/retail to activate its multiple variant of antivirus. Although here also you need to create an account afterwards.

6- Kaspersky antivirus

We can compare this versatile security with Mcafee and Norton. It is as versatile as Norton and Mcafee in detecting and removing the threats. Weight is also work like the same. Most of the computer work’s good with this antivirus. There are several page for kaspersky activation. to activate your kaspersky you can see this article with complete info.


Conclusion here is if you have a good configuration in the computer try the antivirus between Mcafee , Norton and kaspersky. If you have low configuration computer consider webroot , trend micro respectively. Avg is also a good choice if want moderate things.